R E L A X I N G / R U M I N A T I N G

I’ve just spent a little over a week travelling through the south-west of Western Australia with friends.  Filled with beautiful beaches, amazing views, exciting wildlife, quaint towns and a landscape that seemed to be ever changing, there was plenty to see.  Yet as soon as that landscape became a little bit monotonous, I found myself looking for a device to pass the time.  I’m sure there was much that I missed – especially in the first few days.

We have trained ourselves out of relaxing.  No longer content with looking out a window or to watch what’s going on around us we seem to feel guilty if we are not absorbing some work or socially-related content, news information, checking email, doing our shopping or challenging ourselves to an online game.  We feel almost lazy if we’re not engaged in doing something. 

Have a look at any commuter train – nobody seems to look out of the window anymore.  They are too engrossed in their devices.  And while there is nothing inherently wrong with that – I’m sure they’re very productive – I wonder, when do we wonder?  When do we take time out just to think?  Perhaps we need to add think time to our routine along with exercise, meditation and all of the other things we need to fit into our busy schedules. 

Take some time to watch, to think, to relax, to ruminate.  10 minutes a day.  Once you get used to it, it’s quite liberating.


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